I write better than I can talk

My words don’t make much sense written, or even spoken.
They seem more or less understandable in my head, but when they exit my head and are directed towards people a, what is usually what I get in return.
It seems as if some part of my head gets confused about what I'm saying, so it plays a game of telephone, from brain part, to another brain part, to muscle, and such.
And what gets out of my mind, well a what is indeed the right response.
It then results in me having to repeat things a few more times till the other person actually gets it.
By now, I'm quite used to it and won't get offended by having to repeat my words again.
However, it's still a bit annoying.

Now for a song that's been in my mind for a while, which I hope isn't as confusing as me trying to talk/type. 


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