Lifescouts badge #1: The french language and me

French or Spanish?
A simple little decision with a simple little answer in my simple little about to be seventh grader brain.
French, of course. 
It was also a simple little want to not become like my older sister (the Spanish geek). Plus the French language sounded more romantic and exciting. Mix in the need to actually go to France, plus add a small handful of pretty funny friends, and fun things to do in French class (going to a French restaurant, a French fair, seeing a French play, and such), it was enough to keep me in that class for four years. 
And in that four years it taught me a few things, such as, I'm good at writing French, however, I have a lot of trouble speaking it. It also gave me a chance to have a few French pen pals (though writing to them ended pretty quickly somewhere along the summer/upcoming school year). 
However, throughout the four years I’ve been in French class, it taught me a very big thing, I learn better if I’m on my own. 


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