Lifescouts: A badge collecting community where you collect badges based on your experiences. For more information watch this video by the creator of Lifescouts (Alex Day). To start collecting badges go to the official site. To get the physical badges go to the Lifescouts store.
Note: you don’t have to have a tumblr to collect your badges. You can post your badges and your stories that go along with it on your personal blog or website and that will still work. You can also print out the badges and glue it into a journal and write down your story. Or you can also do a YouTube video about it, or something else of that sort. The whole point of it all is to collect your badges and share the story of how you got them, so it can motivate people to get that badge as well.
And, all of this has given me an idea for a weekly meme, as you can say. Every week (starting next week), I shall post one of the badges that I have received, and the story behind that badge. It will be on Wednesday, and it will also give you some insight about what has happened on some points of my life. And hey, it just might inspire you as well to start collecting Lifescouts badges.


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