Simple, silly beliefs that I can't help but believe in.

Legend says, when you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream.
(found on tumblr)
A few weeks ago there was a restlessness that would plague me during the nights when I’m trying to reach the place of a truly deep unconsciousness.
However, instead of reaching that point in my sleep cycle, my subconscious mind would start thinking about who’s dreaming about me.
I know that it’s silly and pretty unrealistic, but I can’t help but think those thoughts.
Would it be my siblings, a guy, my friends?

Whenever the necklace clasp is in the front, it means that someone is thinking about you.
(Heard from a friend; and if I recall correctly, if the clasp is on the left a family member is thinking about you or if it ends up on the right side, your crush is thinking about you)
Depending on the day, I would sometimes wear a necklace.
And whenever the clasp would turn to the left without my doing, I wonder if my older sister or any of my other siblings or any of my family members in general is thinking about me.
However, whenever it turns to the right, I wonder if it’s a guy is thinking about me, which I find highly unlikely.

It’s 11:11, make a wish.
More often than not, I wish for happiness.
Even if I’m already happy, I still wish for it.
By now, it’s become a habit, because nothing else really interests me much.
And when I do wish for something else, I try to stop my tongue from spitting out its habitual answer whenever it’s 11:11.
However, I often lose the battle.
And plus, having too much happiness isn’t that bad.
Is it?

Spin the stem of a fruit while saying the alphabet at the same time. And when the stem comes off at a random letter, it means that you’re going to marry a person whose first or last name starts with whatever letter you’ve stopped at.
 (A silly thing my friend made up in eighth grade)
An example: I spin the stem while saying the alphabet, and when I say C the stem comes off.
That means that I might marry a guy named Connor or Kyle Casey.
It was funny, the names my friends and I would come up with for a certain letter.
More often than not, we didn’t know anyone who had a name starting with that letter.
And it was mainly eww, if we did know someone whose name did start with that letter.
Especially if said person was going to the same school as us and was in the same room with us at that moment.

So what are some silly things that you find yourself believing in? Is it making a wish at 11:11, making a wish then attempting to blow out the dandelion on the first try, or something else entirely? And why?

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