Goodbye sophomore year

Good job to Teddy Westside for helping to design the yearbook.
It is pretty awesome. And I have to go with 
Smarties on this one, that
the arrow does look like a house. 
This week has been the best week out of the whole school year because it’s the last week of school. It has been filled with skipping a few classes, because the teachers aren’t concerned with taking roll; hanging out with my friends; playing a lot of card games (specifically garbage); playing Life (Pirates of the Caribbean style), an intense game of Jenga, and Uno; eating candy; signing yearbooks; walking from here to there and back again before settling in a teacher’s classroom (the same classroom that my friends and I go to every morning); watching youtube videos such as Julian Smith, Studio C, and one or two nigahiga ones; and a few movies here and there. And it was fun because I wasn’t expected to work or turn in anything, the only exception to this was English class, of course. 
It was also a little sad because this year might be the last year at my high school. Meaning that by the time my junior year starts, I’ll be at a new school trying to work harder than ever before as well as trying to belong in a place that I don’t know by making friends with strangers people. So in order to lessen the sadness I decided to ask my friends the question what was a random memory from this year?
Some of them are funny, others a bit nostalgic, and the rest, well, really random. And hey, you might recognize a few of the people who also made a random quote from two years back, that is if you can figure out who’s who first. Well, here it goes.
-          The homecoming football game. ~ SeaBass
-          There was this day that I was more clutzy than ever before. I fell down the stairs 7 times, fell up the stairs 5 times, ran into lockers on a constant basis, ran into people all throughout the hallways, and just about every doorway I went through I ran into the bar between the two doors… that was a very interesting day. ~ Rebelious Smarties
-           BRIAN IS AMAZING ~ The Doctor
-          At Matheson half of the 7th graders knew me before I was an assistant director in the play, Aladdin. I felt pretty awesome because of that. ~ Alice
-          When ‘Smarties’ ran up and down a dark hallway screaming ~ Hermione
-          Throwing a granola bar across the classroom ~ Bad Wolf
-          The conspiracy is real. One day you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen. Maybe it isn’t too late to go to the computer lab and rip the A+ poster down. ~ Alyssa
-          In my ASL (American Sign Language) class, our teacher was asking about our favorite activity. I signed “signing” and she called me a brown noser and made fun of me for the rest of the class. It was hilarious! ~ Teddy Westside
-          So I was trying to talk to this guy who I thought was cute. He asked some person, “Hey have you seen How animals eat their food.” His friend replied, “Yeah I have.” So I jump in and say, “Oh my gosh I love that video.” The guy looks at me then starts working again not saying a word. MOTED! Oh it was so sad! ~TayMay
-          Caylin and I were sitting in the hall & an apple exploded and went EVERYWHERE! We didn’t do anything and when Carson came out of the closet! LOL!! :) ~ Nicole
-          When we practice fire drills!!! xD and I run out of school screaming. ~ Caylin
-          During lunch, my friends and I played a game of truth or dare using a truth or dare app on my friend’s nook. It was a bit wimpy because the truth questions weren’t that great and most of the dares we couldn’t do because we were at school, but it was still fun. ~ nocturnal_owlette

My thoughts can’t really think up of a response to some of the memories that were mentioned, but for the moment I’ll go with [suppressed] laughter. And if you guys were able to figure out the people mentioned above, congrats, because I either know you outside of the internet, or you’re a very good online stalker, or you know them in real life as well.
Also, if I do know you in real life, just remember that I’m not entirely gone yet.
And as for those of you who I don’t know outside of the internet, well, I hope that you have a wonderful day/night.
And for the students who are near the end of their school year, good luck! And I know that you can make it till then, also have fun and just know that I believe you can do it.

Dear followers, readers, viewers, etc,
Can you name a random memory from the past year?


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