I AM...

Just the other day I've been looking through my school assignments and found one from my college preparatory class. It was a packet about owning my feelings and at the end of it I had to write down an I AM poem. The poem already had words on it but I had to write something after it. And being me I've decided to write down a bunch of silly things with a few serious things, because it wasn't going to be presented to my English teacher (thankfully).
And my friends might have inspired me in some areas, like being a Whovian.
(What I actually write is italicized).

I AM a girl named Stacy.

My mother would describe me as smart
My friends call me Stacy

I keep books
I remember a little bit of my childhood
I've learned how to be more open-minded
I hide my feelings from people
I read the same twenty-six letters over and over again

I shout that feminism isn't stupid
I AM a Whovian (and maybe a time lord)

I see everything that is visible
I hear sounds and a few voices in my head.
I taste not very edible
I feel fine for the moment
I think that the world is a messed up place

I whisper that the world shouldn't be so focused on girls when it comes to eating disorders and such
I AM a writer

I want money to buy books
I will work hard for what I want
I won’t ever do something that I don’t want to do.
I can write pretty well in English and in French.
I pretend to be sane around other people outside of my home.

I sing in a soft voice.
I AM an Asian

I dream of pretty “realistic” situations that will never happen.
I’m afraid of dark bathrooms.
I reach for the stars in hope that I will find the Doctor from Doctor Who.
I say I’m sorry when I feel guilty about hurting the other person.
I love the internet, reading, sleep, and books in general

I declare for the world to hear that cooked escargot is pretty tasty
I AM me


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