See the colors, don't let your red applesauce spill ~ (c) Always wear your seat belt!

So far, I’ve completed one of the things on my summer list. Technically three or four things, but reading, writing, and not being on the computer a lot is more of a general thing for me. While learning how to drive isn’t so general in a way.
After eighteen school days (starting on June 10), I’ve had to go to the local high school, for about two hours, to take driver’s ed. It was filled with learning how to drive a car, checking a car fluids and tires, how to stay safe, and other car stuff.
Occasionally I had to go to school before class started or stay at the school after class (technically going home and then coming back again) to do the actual driving. And at first, I sucked at it, a lot. However, with a lot of practice driving on the roads, highways, and freeways, I’ve gotten better at it. And that was mainly thanks to my older sister, who is nice enough to spend part of her summer teaching me how to drive.
By now after six hours driving in class, another six hours observing people how to drive, and thirty-five-ish hours spent in class, I’m finally done with it with a certificateto prove it as well. And now I have to wait another two months or so before getting my license. However, for the moment I think I’ll complete the rest of my night driving and practice my driving skills which mainly involve parallel parking.

 P.S. I'm going to postpone this week's Lifescouts post till Friday because I'm in the mood to. 
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