This week month of the year

What my backyard looks like from afar. 
What’s been happening in my life lately July:
  • My twin sister and I recently moved in with our older sister.
  • Deer has been found roaming around the new place.
  • I’ve been to the water park a few times.
  • There was a lot of shopping for everyday items and food.
  • I went to a friend’s birthday party and felt slightly sad because I probably won’t see them again.
  • I also felt like a third wheel last Wednesday as my older sister dragged her boyfriend, my twin, and I to various places. 
And what my backyard looks like up close. 
  • There has been a lot of sleeping in.
  • I drank a few cups of coffee with a delicious French vanilla creamer.
  • I planned and am still planning my book idea for this year’s nanowrimo.
  • I’ve been studying chemistry and math.
  • I haven’t been reading many books.
  • There’s also the fact that I got yelled at for various things.
  • And I’ve been getting scared at night.
  • The feeling of nostalgia has decided to stick with me.
  • I’ve been watching too much television.
  • I wrote a story and plenty of blog posts (that won’t be seen by the public).
  • I’ve watched a few movies here and there.
  • My twin and I visited the new high school we’re going to soon.
  • We’ve been putting away various stuff of ours.
  • As well as dreaming plenty of weird dreams that may or may not become books of mine one day. 


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