Lifescouts badge #11: Childhood games

When I was younger I used to play on my Nintendo ds a lot. And the video games themselves were, well, silly. It was just a few doggy games here and there, occasionally a Mario game (that my brother ‘lent’ me). And after a lot of time and frustration I was able to create some high scores but the price seemed to have been a non-working L button.
Along with the DS (or technically before), I would play on the GameCube with my brother. The games we would play was usually a Mario game or a war game. And the playing experience during that was tolerable, though slightly violent whenever my brother doesn’t win something.

And just like nearly every child, I used to play Pok√©mon. The version was the gold one, which by now is pretty old. And the game itself was pretty fun except for the few times when it froze and I forgot to save it before it happened. However, there came a day when I had to stop playing because my annoying little brother got rid of my gameboy and the game. I still haven’t entirely forgiven him for that. 


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