A month full of puns.

What have I been doing lately (note this is not in chronological order):

As you can tell, I'm a very organized student. 
- Read The Awakening by Kate Chopin for school.
- Make ice cream in science class, and wish that it had some chocolate in it.
- Say aww as I watch the cute, little, white, fluffy kitty charm everyone in calculus class yesterday. And groan and smile a bit at the names my friend came up for it, like Catniss or Major Furball.
- Be amused at some of the carols the American Sign Language students have signed so far.

- Decorate the Christmas tree
- Go onto a shopping trip after school one day to get some Christmas lights.
- Go Christmas shopping and get some treats for myself along the way.
- Listen to Christmas music, only to get them stuck in my head the next morning.

Taken with my lovely phone.

- Go to the Festival of Trees and eat at a pub afterwards. (No, I did not get any alcohol).
- Get some ice cream and then see Monster’s University on a school night with my two beautiful sisters.
- Go shopping for new coats and scarves and boots on Black Friday.
- Sleep, and disrupt my sleeping cycle.

Books featured above: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling, Emma by Jane Austen, and You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down by Alice Walker

- Go ice skating with a friend of mine one day.
- Get bored and feel bad about the fact that he kept on falling down a lot. So I suggested we explore the downtown area of the city.
- End up at the bookstore across the street. And explore nearly the whole expanse of it, feeling a bit creeped out about the dark, wet, and very still basement.
- End up walking towards a nearby mall afterwards, stopping by an Apple store before getting a bite to eat.
- Go to the winter formal with said friend, and have an incredible time. Even though, I felt sore and a bit sick the next day.


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