We are the writers

We are the writers
Creating a whole new world for ourselves

We’re like God, creating brand new people we wish to be
We’re the places we wish to go and the places that we still remember
We’re the situations that we want to find ourselves in (or not)
We’re all the words that flow from our fingers down onto the page

We’re the informers and the sane lunatics of the world

We’ve been writing our stories since the beginning of time before we finally finish
But most often than not, we throw in the towel
Tired often bored with our piece of work
Or frustrated because of the villain who lives next door
Who often causes us to simply not know what will happen next

We’re the poets in your head
We’re the novelists writing stories we want to read
We’re the essayists informing the world of important matters in five paragraphs
We’re the bloggers bragging about our life
We’re the journalists telling the world’s stories
We’re the screenwriters, the songwriters, and yes even the playwrights
But most of all, we are the writers wanting to be heard
~ Stacy N.


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