A bucket list (part two)

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve posted my bucket list. And by then, I’ve only done two of those things, learn how to drive and be a kid again for one day. The other items are still waiting, preferably when I have more time and a lot of money. So while I’m waiting for the chance to actually do it, I decided to expand my list by ‘a little bit’. 
  • Piss off the patriarchy in some way. Preferably while wearing some sexy, red lipstick.
  • Write a book that has an all female cast.

source: my older sister's facebook page, with her permission of course. 


  • Dress up like the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who.
  • Go to the Who Shop in London.
  • If I happen to get an apartment one day: have the front door look like the front of the Tardis with a doormat that says bigger on the inside. And then make the living room look like one of the Tardis’s many control rooms.
  • Own a Tardis dress.

  • Have cookies delivered to me at midnight from Insomnia Cookies.
  • Have a hidden room in my house that is only used for stargazing.
  • Play the game, Cards Against Humanity.
  • Have a Disney movie marathon (with the 1997 Anastasia movie thrown into the mix).

  • Create a tumblr theme from scratch.
  • Write an entire blog post in French, and wonder how many people will actually understand it.
note that the code that you see in the picture belongs to Hollywhood
And now the weather:


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