Another year of blogging

A week ago it was New Year’s. Two weeks ago it was Christmas. Making today pale in comparison because those two are major holidays, while today it is not. It is nothing more than a normal day. And it’s simply another Wednesday. In fact, it’s the 8th of January. My blog’s third birthday.
This is surprising, because it’s lasted so long. Normally, I would have given this up and go do something else. But there’s something about this blog that keeps on pulling me back. Like there’s a colored string of fate, with one end tied to my finger and the other end tied to this blog. And no matter how hard I try to cut the string, it simply won’t cut. Sure it may weaken, when I neglect it for some short amount of time, but it still would not cut. And the main reason, is because I still like blogging.
I like writing out random words that connect together in some kind of comprehensible way. I like knowing that there is at least one person reading said words. I like how I’m slowly learning more about myself. I like the community. I like designing new blog themes. I like having one place to post my thoughts that I deem good enough to show to the public. I like learning more about everything around me. I like how I can connect with a wider audience from all around the world. But, I like how I’m doing it all for me. I’m not trying to impress anyone, but myself.
However, if it weren't for you guys still reading this, and dealing with my odd, quiet, [insert another adjective that you deem fit] self, I probably would have given up a long time ago. So thank you. And let’s hope that this year will be better in terms of me blogging more often and with content that matters in some way. But as Augustus Waters said in his letter to Van Houten: The marks humans leave are too often scars. And I don’t want to leave any scars but-
And now the weather: 
                Down Mat Kearney 
~ Stacy N.
P.S. Happy Birthday, my little talks. And I hope that we'll make it through another year together. 

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  1. Already forgot what brought me here but, there I look, just found a nice and quiet blog. Looking through a few of your posts ( randomly ) reminds me a bit of myself. I'm someone who wish to have her own little space for her thoughts, writing lists of things to be done ( like your bucket list ), wanting to learn French and I love reading too ☺ It's just I started much later about my blog ( http://ceciliadeer.weebly.com/ ) just a month ago and I probably couldn't use this English language as well as you already do. Knowing that it's already your 3rd year of blogging, I would wish your little talk a happy birthday too ♡ I secretly hope that we could somehow keep in touch and see how our blog is growing together XDXD Blog more often! added your blog to my book mark ✍ ♥