Why I shouldn't look at my past writings.

Because I'll only end up fangirling over my fictional couple that I made a long time ago. 
What is the earth’s natural beauty?
Flowers, and then he gave me a small bouquet of flowers that I found slightly pretty.
You’re forgetting something else.
Boys who don’t have a poetic bone in their body, yet they try anyways. And I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the little blush that came crawling up his cheeks.
There’s also dancing, I say coming closer to him. He got the hint and then he put his arms around my waist, and I would put mine around his neck. Only instead of dancing, we were swaying like uncut grass in a summer breeze. And it felt nice just being here with him. In the dark, under a bright street lamp, in a world where speaking a word can get you killed. Because I felt safe and happy because of the hope that I’ll see him again.

And now the weather:
- Stacy N.


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