They were kids living in a place where there was no hurt, no responsibilities, no pain.
He was a boy simply living in a world with a person who he could tell all his best plans and secrets with.
She was a girl who found joy in the little things that life had to offer.
And they were happy.
But that was before.
Before the rains came, drowning the world they loved. Tearing them apart like they were simple pieces of paper.
He cried unable to think of how he could live life without his best friend, but he bore it as best as he can and moved on.
She simply yelled at the injustice the world has given her before breaking down crying. And it wasn’t till many days have passed before she was able to get up and continue on with her life, the boy a mere thought hidden in the deep of her mind somewhere.
The time passed, both of them experiencing the heavy effects of loss, sadness, and an emptiness that couldn’t be filled with anything in the world including each other.
Eventually, thoughts of each other ceased to exist as they fell in love with other people in a harsh world filled with water that was able to lessen their never ending pain.

- Stacy N.

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  1. Hmm, I know you've labeled it with "a million sighs", but I think it could definitely be worked with to create a really great story! I know, I know, I've never gotten to comment here, but I do admire your blog very much.

    By the bye, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, and details on that are here: http://fairyskeletons.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-much-belated-liebster-award.html

    Have a wonderful day, Stacy!