Let's grab some coffee and catch up on all the things we missed, shall we?

Amidst everything that has been going on lately on this blog, suddenly posting again, the New Years posts |x|x|. As well as outside of the blog, homework, and life in general, I forgot to explain the reason why there was a giant break between July and December. And it’s simply because I didn't feel like posting much.

Plus, a lot of things got in my way. Reaching senior year of high school certainly was one of them. With three AP classes, one concurrent enrollment class, a ballroom class, and a few other classes, it required a lot of my attention when it came to homework. Plus there were club meetings that I had to attend during lunch and after school.

And when the beginning of December came two giant projects took up much of my time. The first was the winter dance concert, which required after school dance rehearsals three days before the actual concert. The second was an AP Statistics project, which required a school wide survey and graphs that weren’t easy to make on Microsoft Excel, plus a few other items. And there were college applications to be dealt with. Which got in my way when doing Nanowrimo this year. However I still won with 50,825 words out of 50,000.

Outside of school, there was a bit of family turmoil going on. However, that is now fixed. With a lot of lessons learned along the way. I also found myself occasionally working out, for no particular reason at all. And it was fun, though not enough for me to survive the Hunger Games or a zombie apocalypse. However, in all truth, I don’t think I will ever survive either of those two events.

Also crushes on people who I know will never work out, caught my mind once or twice. But like a match that has been barely lit but quickly blown out by the wind, my crushes on them was gone within the next day or so. That helped me learn a lot about myself though. Like how I might be more asexual than I thought I was. And how I might be a teensy bit interested in girls, making me a bit bi-romantic. As well as a bit more sensual.
Note: I am still trying to figure out what identities fit me, as I change throughout the years. So, don't expect me to stick with one identity just yet. 

When winter break came, and the stress of school dwindled down to nothing more but an ever present candlelight in the distance, I found myself doing last minute Christmas shopping with my siblings in tow. This meant getting distracted by pretty clothes, the deliciousness of Godiva chocolate, a candy store that sold foreign candies including green tea kitkats, and getting stuck in a beauty store with annoying salesmen who failed desperately in trying to sell their fancier products to my older sister.

The last minute Christmas shopping wasn’t the only last minute thing we did this year. We finally set up the Christmas tree on December 23, two days before Christmas. We could have done it earlier, but with the stress of tests and homework that school liked to pile onto us before winter break started, it was hard to find time to actually set up the Christmas tree. So it was easier to do it during the break when there was more free time.

And since there was more free time, I found myself making holiday theme popup cards and giving it too everyone this year. That took a lot of time, because glitter glue took a long time to dry. But, with a blow dryer on hand it was easy to speed up the process.

Christmas was a simpler time this year. Not as many gifts. No pictures were taken. And no fancy dinner. Just movies, good food, and peaceful togetherness that was filled with a lot of talking. In honesty, it was one of my favorite Christmases.

Afterwards my siblings and I went to an indoor children’s playground that was filled with a small rock climbing wall, a grocery store with overpriced groceries, a house with a decent library, a farm with cute hens and fat bees, a pipe system, and other various things that was designed to ignite the fiery imagination that every child has. Once that was all over with, came my always favorite part, the trip to Barnes and Noble. Which as usual took forever because I had to choose the perfect books to bring home with me on the budget of a $25 gift card. However, instead of it ending when I finally got the second books to complete my collection of the The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo and The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. It ended when my brother received his first ever computer programming book. Which has a very small chance of it actually being read.

A few days after that adventure came the trip to the finally finished, renovated aquarium. It involved going into all the different sections the place had to offer. Developing a very short crush on a kind of cute aquarium worker. Seeing the even cuter penguins that either laid on their stomachs, stood around and pretended to be models, swam, or was fed. Learn how ferocious otters can actually be, but still aww as the three otter brothers swam around in their exhibit. Witness a shark feeding that involved an unfair game about sharks between the adults and the kids. Eating a delicious cookie snack at the aquarium café. Watching my older sister be a little kid again as she played in the indoor playground amongst the other little kids. Getting sprayed by water as I watched a movie about the coral reefs, as part of the 4D experience it offered. And crossing a rope bridge to nowhere in particular. And it was an even better trip to the aquarium because it was now bigger and it offered a lot of things that the previous location couldn’t exactly offer.

That part of winter break eventually faded into more movies, and me trying to finish the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. However, I kept on getting distracted by youtube, tumblr, the games dots and two dots, and now blogging. Which means a lot of trouble for me because I am now scrambling to finish the book before tomorrow, as well as finish the rest of my homework. But I will find some miracle to finish on time. Even if it means sacrificing sleep. Which is not unusual for the end of term.

And now the weather:

~ Stacy N.


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