Easier to understand it than to speak it.

Honestly, I'm disappointed in myself for never really taking the time to really learn Vietnamese when I was younger. Of course, there were times when I would try to learn the language, whether it's from a book, some cds from the library, or online. However, that would last only a couple of days, because boredom would take over. Plus, I want to speak Vietnamese now instead of going through the hard part of learning a language.
However, as I learned during my eighteen years of living on this wonderful yet problematic planet, in order to get the things you want, you have to work hard for them. Hence the reason why genies are almost impossible to find.
So in the end I'm not going to give up learning my language. No matter how slowly it may take through listening to real life conversations, youtube videos,  movies, television shows, and music (mixed in with a bit of reading), I'm determined to learn the language of my people. Because I want to preserve this beautiful, complex language that's been uniting the Vietnamese people for thousands of years.

And now the weather: 
~ Stacy N.


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