A snowy spring day

Happy hump day everybody, and sorry for not posting lately. My mind has been acting a little weird. Plus, there’s also the classic excuse of school, studying for AP exams, looking for jobs and scholarships, and worrying about college. Mix in the fact that I haven’t been getting much sleep on school nights. So that led to a very tired me, who’s been unable to think of anything to post. Till now.

And that was due to a very snowy day in Utah and dangerous driving conditions. So I was able to be excused from school for the day, to rest and catch up on homework. Which I never noticed that I needed till now. And honestly, it’s pretty relaxing.

So here’s to April rain showers turning into April snow showers, and day offs from a school system that really needs reforming.

And now the weather:
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift cover by Isaac from 365daband
~ Stacy N.


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