One step away from graduating

Left: my school's navy blue cap and gown; white, yellow, and blue tassel; and yellow and white cords that I'm going to wear on June 5.
Bottom right: Trader Joe's cookie butter cheesecake bites and Private Selection''s chocolate hazelnut mascarpone ice cream
Top right: My school's literary magazine that just came out. It includes a few pieces by yours truly. And  all it took was a few months of hard work from my Satorian team.
After two months of lots of schoolwork, late school nights, tests of various sorts including those awful, soul-sucking, three-hour AP exam, an,d of course, procrastination, I’m back. (More or less).  And I know I should be a bit sorry that I was gone again, with no explanation, but I honestly don’t feel that. Because, I feel like I have an obligation to post all that often. Other than the bare minimum of posting at least once a month, which I set out to do as a New Year’s Resolution.
However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about this blog at all. No, in fact, I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot. Mainly, when I’m listening to music or watching youtube videos or watching Fresh Off the Boat (the TV show that's based off of Eddie Huang's memoir) or read articles about various topics. That leads to an idea that I want to blog about. So I then would go to my blogger posts, and write down a few quick points of what I should say in that post. But that mostly consists of links to other websites, which past me would expect future me to click on, so I could remember what I was going to write about. Or if it was a youtube video, I would save that video to my blog playlist, so future me would have to look at eventually. So I could remember what I was going to blog about or what to post for “and now the weather”.
But life happens, and it isn’t until weeks later that I finally decide to post something. And it usually happens to be something that I wasn’t originally planning on blogging about. Like this post for example. 

~ Stacy N.


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