It's okay to make mistakes

Humans are inherently flawed creatures. This includes the random person that you meet on the street all the way up to the influential people that you only hear about through the media. So, don’t try to put a person up on a pedestal, like the leader of some country, and then expect them to fix them every single problem. Because they’re only one person, and they could only do so much.
And the person on the pedestal is not a god or Superman. So don’t idolize them to the point where they’re not even human anymore. Because that pressures them to be Perfect. Which is scary and bad, because when they mess up, it’s a humongous deal and they’re now monsters. Even if the mistake was a small one.
Also, learn how to forgive the people you admire for making mistakes. They probably didn’t know that what they did was wrong. And hopefully, they’re taught on what they did was wrong, and then they’ll hopefully learn from that experience and try not to make that same mistake again. Also, as I said before, humans aren’t perfect.
And since humans are not perfect that means that human made groups like feminism are also not perfect. Feminism, like anything else, is flawed. It’s forever changing. It’s complex. And it doesn’t capture everything wrong with the world. However, by addressing what’s wrong with the world, like the double edged sword of female sexuality to the fact that there isn’t enough representation in Western media, Western literature, and anything else, it’s a step towards helping fixing everything that’s wrong with the world.
So learn about the problems that people have to face, come to conclusions with it, address it, and then try to teach other people about it. And remember it’s okay to mess up. As long as you learn from it, you’ll grow as a valuable human being.

Thoughts inspired by “Feminism (n.): Plural” from Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay and my Gender 2500 class.
Also found a version of “Feminism (n.): Plural” that is a bit shorter than the one in the book. http://roxanegay.tumblr.com/post/36978885406/feminism-plural

And now the weather:
Neopolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchell

~ Stacy N.


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