This isn't the last comeback

It's hard to take a picture of moving figures, but at the same time, it makes a nice artistic blurriness. 

Five unrelated thoughts:
  1. Wow, sorry for not posting in a while. Again. 
  2. In the five years that I’ve been doing Nanowrimo, this year is the first year that I’ve lost. Life just got in the way. College, work, volunteering, and procrastination became too much for me in November.  
  3. Christmas Eve for me this year was just bad. It involved California, the freeways, and a suicide (thankfully not to anyone close to me).
  4. I like being single. To the point where one time when I saw a dog somewhere on campus, I went straight to the dog and started petting it; barely acknowledged the owner who was aesthetically cute. 
  5. I somehow thought that this post was a good enough to post with this picture of my siblings in Balboa Park
And now the weather:
Và Như Thế by 365daband
According to vdict.com, the title translates to And Like That

~ Stacy N.


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