Another semester full of stress

From almost crying in my Writing Fiction class to surviving an oral test in Vietnamese 1020. From watching interesting videos for my English 3600 class to reading Mia McKenzie’s Black Girl Dangerous book for my Gender 3500 class. From spending almost a hundred dollars on books that, for some, will turn into a dusty rock while for others, I’ll most likely read again. To finding a new study spot in the library that has a few missing tiles in the ceiling. I have a feeling that this semester is going to be a tough one.

English 3510: Writing Fiction. A class to learn how to write fiction, particularly short stories.
Viet 1020: Beginning Vietnamese 2. Part two of the Beginning Vietnamese class, where we will continue to learn how to speak it and write it.
English 3600: Introduction to Critical Theory. Another required class for English majors, where it’s full of confusing yet interesting questions, such as, what is literature? What is reality and its relationship to literature? And how to see literature in a variety of lenses like Marxism, feminism, postcolonialism, etc.
Gender 3500: Where We Stand: Part two of Gender 2500: Where I Stand. This time, it’s going to look at various feminist topics on a broader level, such as institutional and state violence, sex and gender, what it means to be an ally, etc.

And now the weather:
Latch by Disclosure feat Sam Smith
~ Stacy N.


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