Hello 2016

Text reads: Hello 2016
I fail at keeping my New Year’s resolutions. Every year I only actually complete one or two resolutions. A few I kind of completed. The rest have decided to not follow me out for the rest of that year.
Each year I try to be more SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) . But I still don’t do most of my resolutions anyways. Maybe it has to deal with the fact that I’m a big procrastinator. Maybe it also has to deal with the fact that some of my New Year’s resolutions requires resources that I don’t have enough money for. And maybe it also deals with the fact that there are a few circumstances that will set me back all the way to negative five hundred and I have to start all over again. Well whatever the reason, those resolutions just don’t get completed.
And honestly by now, I stopped caring. From now on I’m going to let fate decide my course. And whatever happens, happens. However, there will always be specific situations where I determine my own course and I decide to go all for it. No matter what it takes. All the while, I’m going to follow one New Year’s resolution this year, and that is: be a better person. 
Whether it’s by complimenting a person; controlling my temper at home after dealing with the stresses of work and customers; smiling at someone; forgiving myself for mistakes; learning more about the world around me; etc.
It should be simple in theory, but really hard to do in reality. So I hope I survive this year.
Have a great year, or at least, a tolerable one. And Happy New Year’s!

And now the weather:
Where The Wind Blows by Coco O.
~ Stacy N.


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