Dear Divine Being, (a story)

Picture was taken by Nicolas Raymond

Heaven showed its lights on my broken soul. Offering eternal peace and happiness for it. I looked to the right and saw nothing but smiling robots doing smiling robot things. Golf, shopping, reading. I looked back. Their eyes twinkled, kind, dark, demanding. I looked left, kids playing on the playground, an endless buffet, skiing that never ended. Everyone still held that creepy, too white smile. I looked back again. This time, their eyes showed an ounce of impatience, a pound of greed, and a metric ton of lies.
Too late, they already took my soul. Leaving my body to empty, to crumple, and to transform into a smiling robot doing smiling robot things.

And now the weather:
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Note: This is not what I actually think about heaven. It's just a story that I came up with for my Writing Fiction class one day. And I was thinking about the hypocrisy that could be found in certain churches, like how you have to pay your way into heaven, or how you have to give up what makes you (your sexual identity, fashion sense, personality, etc.) just so you could fit in at church and make it to heaven that way. The latter being more of what the story is about.
Honestly, just be a good person with no evil intentions and you'll make it to heaven that way.

~ Stacy N.


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