What is romantic?

Photographed by Oscar E.
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On Friday, I posted about how Edward and Bella’s relationship from Twilight is quite creepy once you realize that it’s an abusive relationship. So that got me thinking about what is a romantic and healthy relationship? And I concluded that it’s having some space and independence; trust that your partner won’t do anything that you wouldn’t do behind your back; communicating about your problems, worries, goals, happiness, and anything else in between, even if it seems tiny in the moment; honesty about almost everything (if you’re lying because you want to surprise your partner with a gift that you know they like, then lie but don’t be hurtful about it); putting in effort from both sides of the party; actually trying to find the time to be together making good on that time, and making the most out of it; consent and abiding by that consent, and it doesn’t have to be just sexual consent but consent on other things too (not to the point where you have to ask your partner if you can even hang out with anybody else); respecting your partner's choices and opinions, even if you don't always agree with them; dedication and not giving up when times get rough; listening to your partner; not taking your partner for granted aka gratefulness and expressing that gratefulness; and being content to be in that relationship in the first place. To me that’s romantic. And if you’re not willing to go through all of that because of all the hard work you have to put into it, then don’t be in a serious relationship with anyone.

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