Letters part 7

Picture by Pham Khoai
Dear people in general,
You are not entitled to my time, body, or general self just because you’ve done something nice for me, follow me on any of my social media accounts, and/or are one of my friends. And I’m not entitled to you whenever I do something nice for you. So please, especially those “friend-zoned” guys out there, let go of the idea that just because you’re a decent human being you automatically think the world owes you something. It doesn’t. And if you do think that way, you’re not a decent human being at all, but a manipulative one who doesn’t understand the basic concept of human respect.

And now the weather: 
Content warning: there are some quick, flashing lights around the 2:54 mark, 3:24 - 4:22 ish mark; as well as fire and explosions. 
~ Stacy N.


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