A look in my life part 2 6-13-17

Sorry for the late post, the reason for that is, I decided to do another day in the life for today’s post. So here it is.
For context, I’m currently vacationing in Seattle and visiting my older sister who’s interning at Microsoft for the summer, so the times are going to be in the Pacific Time zone.

7:30 AM: Wake up (why I woke up this early after six or seven hours of sleep, I don’t even know) Go to the bathroom, come back, and just think about dogs, my family, and life.
8:00 AM: Go back to sleep and dream about dogs and my family selling veggies at Utah’s State Capitol.
10:30 AM: Wake up for real and start working on bullet journal stuff.
11:30 AM: Stop bullet journaling for a bit to get ready for the day, finish, and watch Parks and Recreation, and wait for everyone else to get ready.
12:00 PM: Leave the apartment to explore the International District and find a good Vietnamese restaurant.
12:03 PM: Walk down the street, taking some pictures along the way. I'm obsessed with the Instagram Boomerang app; it’s brought some cool pictures and hilarious ones. Whenever I record my brother, he’s either a dork that could end up in horror movies or a philosopher while my twin does the artsy poses.
12:09 PM: Make it to the Uwajimaya Market (an Asian grocery store) to look around only to end up leaving a minute later because of the crowded food stands (darn you, lunch rush). So we ended up walking down the street a bit more to end up at a Phở Hòa Noodle House.
12:13 PM: When we made it to Phở Hòa, two thoughts flashed through my mind, there are more white people here than at any of the other locations, and I like the California location more (I can’t remember which location it was.) As usual, I ordered bún thịt nướng chả giò (the main dish that I order at almost every Vietnamese restaurant that I go to), with Vietnamese iced coffee, and gỏi cuốn. Like any of the other locations, the food was still delicious, and the service was okay (you know if it’s an authentic Vietnamese restaurant if the service is okay/kind of bad but the food is still delicious. We, Vietnamese-Americans, have a slight reputation for being jerks.)
Forgot to take a picture with the boba, oops.
1:20 PM: My siblings and my friend finally finish eating and go out to explore some more of the International District. After a bit of walking, we end up at Yummy House Bakery, a Chinese bakery with really sweet boba (honestly, that wasn’t the greatest boba) but good desserts like flan.
1:51 PM: After a while, we left and explored the area some more before ending up at Kinokuniya Bookstore. This place has a really nice art station, perfect for bullet journaling items, as well as manga and anime collections (both in English and Japanese), tiny $11 rocks, and other items.

2:15 PM: After about twenty-four minutes or so we left and went to explore the Uwajimaya Market, which was right next door. It has both Asian products and some American products, which was useful and helped me with my homesickness.
2:42 PM: We finish shopping, walk back to the apartment, put everything away, before watching The Office. Well, technically, in my case, I worked on my bullet journal some more (which is taking forever because of procrastination, time constraints, and starting all over again because I lost my original one in a Walmart parking lot back in Utah.)
6:20 PM: After about four hours, my siblings, friend, and I get ready to go out for dinner with my older sister and her colleague. After about twenty minutes we make it out the door and order a Lyft, where, while waiting, a kind stranger complimented me on my outfit. Funny enough, my brother thought the stranger was talking to him at first.
6:58 PM: Make it to Mondello Ristorante Italiano, where we met up with my older sister, her guy friend, a female software engineer, and said engineer’s daughter. It was fun; we talked about a lot of things like Israel (where the software engineer is from), Doctor Who, what Microsoft is planning to do, and other various topics while eating delicious food like a spicy tomato soup with octopus and affogato.
10/10, would eat again.
Usually, I don't like coffee flavored
desserts but this is pretty good.
9:42 PM: We finally finish and call a Lyft back to the apartment. The driver was really cool and suggested lots of places that my family, friend, and I should check out soon like whale watching.
9:57 PM: We make it back home where I am currently finishing this up while everyone else around me gets ready for bed. Soon, I’ll go to bed and probably dream about dogs some more.

Note: all pictures were taken with my phone.

And now the weather:
Come With Me Now by Kongos
~ Stacy N.


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