Perks of being a twin

A picture of my twin and me at our little brother's graduation.
As a twin (who doesn't look like a twin but really is a twin) there are perks to being a twin (as well as disadvantages but that could be another post later down the line) like....
  • Having a natural armrest (only works if the other twin is shorter than you)
  • You're never alone
  • You have a best friend for life
  • You are natural roommates (starting from conception)
  • You could talk to your twin about anything
  • You have another closet you could get your hands onto
  • In other words, you share everything (which can get quite annoying)
  • You could easily blame them for some of the mistakes that you did
  • You also have a guinea pig who's willing to try out your bad cooking
  • Ultimately, you have a special bond with someone who's been with you through thick and thin
And now the weather:

~ Stacy N.


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