Coming Out

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There are a million different ways to come out, bake a cake, throw a party, just say that you're queer in a casual conversation, have a serious talk with people you love, etc. And the result could either be good or bad. The good being that you get love and support and are generally happier because you're not hurt in some way. The bad being that you're harmed in some way, kicked out of your own home, and/or forced to be who you're not. If you are in the latter position, the Trevor Project is a great resource that can help you. Meanwhile, find the light in small things and remember that you're a lot stronger than you think you are and that hopefully, it will get better.
Coming out is also a continual process. You don't come out once and suddenly the whole world knows, you have to keep on telling people throughout your lifetime. And it could either be easy or hard, it depends on who you're telling it to. Just remember your identity is not tied to you being queer, it's just one part of who you are.
Though, this makes me wonder, what about not coming out? And that's fine as well. Sometimes it's dangerous for you to come out because you know that you're not going to get the support you need and possibly get harmed in some way. Other times, it's just not needed because you feel like either everyone knows or it's just not part of your agenda.

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