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Beautiful People is a writing blog meme hosted by Sky @ Further Up and Further and Cait @ Paper Fury. Every month they ask ten questions that are designed to help us get to know our characters a lot better. Sometimes it's themed, sometimes it's not like it is this month. So, without further ado let's get started.

Beautiful person of the day: Beth Angelina Dovens
Background story: She's a character I've created back in Jr. high school, and who's changed a lot throughout the years. A few of the things that remained the same though is that she's originally from the planet, Bionova, she's half fairy and half shape-shifter, and she has unusual powers. In the latest draft of the book, she has two moms, one who researches Earth and the other is a Bionovian politician. So for half the year, Beth and her moms live on Earth so her researcher-mom could do her work, and the other half of the year they live on Bionova so her politician-mom could do her job, which for the moment, is running for governor for this well-known city.

What’s their favorite place they’ve ever visited?
Earth: New York City
Bionova: the famous botanical gardens.

What’s one mistake they made that they learned from?
Not taking the time to understand things from her politician-mother's point of view. That lack of understanding creates some drama between them, but it's needed for my book to happen.

What was their favorite subject in school? Or favorite thing to learn about?
Beth is obsessed with anything flowers. Flowers help her cope with change, though it is hard to smuggle them onto Earth.

What’s their favorite flower/growing thing?
That's like asking a writer what their favorite book is, there's too many.

Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?
Beth ends up running away, which of course makes her politician-mother cry from all the worry and stress.

Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?
So far, she's been a pretty reliable narrator.

What do they dream about at night?
Ever since her researcher-mom died, Beth has been dreaming about happy (or in her own words, "taunting") childhood memories.

They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would they eat?
Rose soup at this local diner that's near her house on Bionova.

Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?
On Bionova, there are different species. Each species has a specific power that pertains to them, for example, mermaids have water powers, phoenixes have fire powers, fairies teleport, shape-shifters shift into different humanoids, weres change into different animals, etc. So it's weird if you have no power, it's also weird if your power doesn't fit the power that most of your species has, and it could land you in a lot of trouble. For Beth, in particular, her power consists of changing objects into different objects, for example, she could turn a rock into a hairbrush. Which is pretty dangerous for her, if anyone else outside of her family knew.

What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?
Become a famous botanist on both Earth and Bionova and to tell her best friend, "hey, I think I like more than as a friend." Let's see which one comes first.

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