You came into a classroom full of murmuring students, a teacher who flitted around the room introducing herself to everyone, while the TA messed around with the projector system trying to show whatever it was they were showing. You, like my yawn, came out of nowhere in the middle of the day on the first day of class. You, this is going to sound cheesy, you walked in and my heart went “Boom!”  Technically it felt more like a lightning storm zapped us both at the same time. The point was, there was an instant connection between us.
And that must have scared us both for we didn’t talk to each other for weeks on end. You always sat in front of me and I would always flash a small smile and offer a hello whenever you came. Our attentions turned towards others in the classroom. The girl with an infectious smile who spoke only in riddles, the lady who saved people for a living, the Southern gentleman turned social justice advocate.
Weeks passed, heavy subject hit after heavy subject hit us each time we had class together, whether it was abuse, death, or politics. Funny enough, it was that last taboo topic that brought us together. When the president-elect made a fool of himself, we laughed over that old-school newspaper picture, talking about how he’s a walking joke. That led to other topics, which led to fears, which led to nothing.
The final came and ended, the words that I wanted to say became too late. And now, like everything else in my life you’re simply gone.

And now the weather:
In My Dreams by Ruth B. again.

~ Stacy N.


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