Another excerpt.

Hello peoples. I'll post up the winner of the summer contest, tomorrow or the next day. I'll also post the next contest, soon. For today, I though it would be nice just to read another excerpt from my book Immortality Doesn't Exist.

Now it’s either me, or someone else. And frankly, I think it’s the latter. I sigh, while I knead the dough. Nostalgia washes over me, making me want to go back to Earth. Making me want to forget everything here, no wait it, just wants everything that has ever happened into a dream. However, a part of me doesn’t want all this to be a dream. I sigh again, because I’m torn in two. Part of me wants to stay here, and make anew. While another part of me wants to just go back to Earth, and just have everything back to the way it was. Once I finished kneading it, I put the dough into the pan, and into the oven. Remembering the way how mom does it, I do the same stuff as her, hoping it won’t burn. Once I finish putting it into the oven, and turn around. I was surprised to see Mannic sitting at the kitchen counter twirling a striped apple around like a basketball. “Hi?” I squeak. He didn't speak in fact; I don’t think he even noticed me. “Mannic?” I walk over to where he was sitting. “Mannic?” I ask again. He continued spinning his apple, not noticing. “Hello?” I tentatively touch his shoulder. Instead of flesh, that I expected to feel, it was just air. “Mannic?” I ask scared now. I touch him again, this time he disappeared in a puff of air.

Sorry if it's a bit short. I couldn't really decide which one too choose, so I just randomly chose one. Oh, and here's a gif, I made for it. Now let's hope it works.  

It does, yay ^_^
P.S 1018mockingjay is my nanowrimo username, on both the ywp one, and the main one.


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