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The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it. ~ Mother Teresa
Yay, it's the big 100! I can't really believe that I made it this far in just eight months. And I couldn't have done it without you followers, viewers, and readers, and the random stumblers. And I got to say thank you. Now let's get this show on the road ~ Mushu from Mulan.

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A question. 
How do you feel about the U.S. Debt system?
I say we should do better, and stop wasting the money. And plus we should change the currency so we can stop cutting down poor trees. We're probably going to die sooner if there's less trees around. In fact I can feel the oxygen levels going down. I can't breathe *Turns purple, then blacks out, dead.* *Magically revives turning back into a blogger, writer, reader, girl, daughter, sister, cousinniece, practically much a human.*
Oh dear old 100
So important
On the verge of thrice
And yet so small
A century
A cent-
A dollar
A bill
Forever to some
Only a day to others
Oh dear 100
How did you become so important?

My writing. 
Here are some writings that I wrote sometime in my life, that I decided to share with you. Because I hadn't been posting much of my writing lately. Well here they are, also be cautious one of the stories has some inappropriate words (the second one I think). And also please excuse me, if they're suckish, they're unedited. 

Together we can make the world better by picking up trash, anywhere where there is trash. Because if there is trash everywhere, then it’s going to end up in our water supply making us sick and it will also kill valuable animals that are important to our diet.
Together we can make the world better by simply being nice to other people. Because if you’re nice, then other people will probably be nice to you, and then there would be less violence in the world.
Together we can make the world a better place by recycling, reusing and/or reducing. Because if we don’t recycle, then there will be less trees, meaning more carbon dioxide in the air. This will also mean less oxygen in the air.
Together we can make the world a better place by making friends with other countries instead of being enemies. Because if we’re friends instead of foes then there will be a highly chance that there’s not going to be anymore wars, meaning it will be safer for future generations to come.
Together we can make the world a better place by not being bigoted people to other race, religion, or cultures. Because if the whole human race accepted that everyone, man women, adult, child, Asian, or Hispanic is equal, then there would be more peace, balance, and less terrorist attacks in the world. 
Together we can make the world a better place by fighting less, speaking more. Because words has more power then action, if we all had no words, or languages, how will we all understand each other? As they say the pen is mightier than the sword.
Together we can make the world a better place by going green. Because there is only one earth, and already it’s dying because of our ways right now. From global warming to the melting of polar icecaps slowly causing the oceans to rise, the future in the year 3,000 is not going to be a pretty one.
So in order to have a wonderful earth in the future, we have to start changing our actions now. Not tomorrow, next week, or never, NOW.
(It was a reflections project, and the theme was Together we can..) 
I sit crying as I’m about to do the inevitable. I look down into the deep, dark rushing river below, and smell, the cold winter air, mixed with pines, berries, and other fresh, clean scents. But I can’t see the river clearly, nor smell the pines of the fresh wintery forest. For my eyes are flooded with tears, causing my nose to stuff up, making me not breathe clearly, and almost suffocating me. “It’s for the best,” my mind told me. “No one really cares about you anyways. It’s obvious on their conceited, overdone faces, from you getting pushed into the garbage can nearly every day. To the mean messages online, and rumors behind your back. Plus your own family and friends don’t care about you anyway as well,” it thought in a malevolent tone. “They won’t listen to you when you try to talk to them about it. Always ignoring you just to dote on their favorite; believing your fake happiness. And always making you alone, never calling you, not standing up for you. Just stuck in their poorly made love life,” it sneers. That just did, it. The terrible longing pain in my heart has to be stopped, the pain that continually grows from their evil words, their actions. The river below suddenly looked tantalizing. I could feel it begging me to jump in, to end all the miserable pain.
            “Move out of the way loser,” Mi-Mi the popular girl said to me one Friday afternoon.

“Hey, do I hear someone. Or is it a ghost?” said one of the dumb jocks. “Bitch, Whore, Slut, Dumb butt,” all these names and memories start swirling around me, taunting me. Making me sick of life, and angry, very angry. Knowing I can’t really take the anger out on my tormentors. I jump. I can feel the wind rushing up at me, freezing me to the tips of my bones. The river churning fast, looking as if it has many hands ready to catch me. My heart starts beating wildly, wishing it all back. My mind is screaming, wishing I’ve never done this. Should have never jumped off the bridge, what will my family do without me? What will the world do without me? Words, sounds, noises, tried to come out of my mouth, but unable to. My mouth suddenly dry, I wonder how good the water will be in the river, if I wasn’t doing this.
            My death seemed so closer, than I ever thought it would be. Instead of the water currents looking like hands, it started looking like cave stalagmites. Pokey, and deadly. I close my eyes, expecting to feel the impact.

“Hello…” said a distant voice, “hello?” I tried to identify the voice it seemed oddly familiar. The unknown voice sighed, a half annoyed and half why-me sigh. Then I started to feel extremely cold water on my face. I tried to gain conciseness, because even more water was being splattered on me. It made me want to punch the person, oh so badly. After a few more bucketfuls, I managed to open my eyes. Then I started hugging the person, at least knowing that one person cares for me in the world. 
For the last hundred years, I’ve dreamt of nothing but of someone holding me in his arms. Cradling me like a little child. Shielding me away from all the dangers of the world; but most of all loving me for who I really am. When I woke up, I was surprised to see a stranger across from me. What surprised me the most though, was that he was the same guy from my dreams. He’s tall, with boyishly strong muscles. Auburn hair that looks just right on him, with crystal blue eyes that are covered with long eyelashes, and pink full round lips, set evenly on tan skin. Like he’s just lived on the ocean all his life.

Lately, I’ve been having weird dreams about a princess. Oh but not just any princess though, the one that is in Sleeping Beauty. And I think that her name is Aurora. Well, I just happened to stumble across a castle that my tour group was passing by. And well it looked interesting, plus my gut kept on telling me to go inside it. So that’s what I did, I secretly slipped out, hoping no one would notice and went inside. I went through hallway after hallway in a daze not noticing where the heck I was going. When I found a secret door that was under the staircase that looked like stone. My gut told me this was the one. “One what?” the back of my mind thought, but I didn’t notice.
When I went inside, it looked like a room made for royalty. “What the heck,” the back of my mind thought. But I didn’t notice, because in the middle of it all was a person on a bed sleeping peacefully. I wanted to get out, and go back to the tour group. But my foot seems glued here. Something about her looks awfully familiar. Like that girl in my dreams. With her honeysuckle hair, laid carefully on her side. Nearly covering her thick long eyelashes, her soft round lips, snoring quietly. She looked so pretty in the dim light, that I just knew I’ve got to kiss her.
Without thinking about it, my feet instinctively started moving toward her. I tried, practically willed my feet to stop moving but it won’t listen. It just continued walking towards her. Finally, when it stopped, I was right next to her. She was still snoring lightly, not noticing that I was right next to her. I tried to back away, but my feet won’t budge. Instead, I brushed her hair away from her face. “Who the heck is controlling me?” I said aloud. I tried, really tried to not move, nor even breathe, but that didn’t last out long.
 I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears, and I started blushing for no apparent reason. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” the back of my mind thought. I start inching towards her, finally believing that I really did get abducted by aliens just like my sisters always kept on saying. The girl kept on sleeping, holding her breath for some reason. I was close enough that I could feel her breath on my face, and smell her honey, and lilac perfume. When my lips touched hers, I knew I was crazy. Her lips felt like it belonged with mine, but I pulled away, startled.  I was glad that it was quick and short, and ended quickly, because when I finished she woke up.
Really, startled now, I backed up, looking at her quizzically, like she just popped out of nowhere, even though she was there the whole time. She seemed surprised to, but didn’t back up, she studied me with her baby blue eyes. Now that really surprised me, her eyes, so pale blue that it makes her, I don’t know prettier I guess.
“What the heck?” I thought, because a feeling was starting to arouse in me.
We locked eyes for a moment, before he pulled away, probably still stunned to see me. Like he should because I am a princess, you know. But there was something off with me, something that was feeling like…

Not the same

Everything changed in a flash. One moment I was just that innocent carefree girl, not giving a dime in the world. Then the next I was worrying about every little detail. Wondering how I’m supposed to survive. Tears streak my already tearstained face, as I watch Amos, my neighbor bury my parents up. I watch, as I recall the memories of the armed robbery at the bank. How I was just at the candy shop around the corner, buying my first treat. How the alarm bell rang its shrill sound. How there was a lot of shooting, then silence.  Silence that could have killed anyone in an instant, if listened to carefully. Then how, I started running, forgetting the treats, just to find my parents. But I was too late. Police already put up the tape, telling everybody to stand back. Though I didn’t listen, I just had to see my parents; to see if they’re alive or not. 
A police officer caught me, before I even touched the glass doors.  She asked why I was here, behind the yellow line. I told her I had to see my parents, to see if they’re alive or not. She said her friends are checking that right now, but she believes that my parents are still alive. Then she did, what my mother always does when I’m sad, pat me on my back gently. Like only a mother could. I smiled a bit, hoping in my heart, that she’s right.
 A couple of minutes later, a big police guy, came out with a grave look on his face. It was then and now, that there’s something deadly serious, one that just resulted badly. The police officer that was patting my back and the big guy stared at each other for a long time, before she sighed. “No, no it can’t be,” I thought willing it not to be true. I was wishing my parents would just come out of the bank right now, and hold on tight like they would always do when I’ve had a nightmare. But I knew that won’t happen I knew no one that was in the bank the time of the shooting would be coming out anytime soon. And that included my parents. The  truth of it all shocked me, then I started crying thinking who has did this is very, very evil.
Later that day, I was at the police station, where they tried contacting people who was nice enough to take me in for the night. While I just sat quietly at a little chair in the corner away from all the chaos, thinking of all the good and bad times I’ve had with my parents. A couple of hours later, when they finally contacted a nice lady to take me in for the night, I was horrified. Thinking of why they’re just giving me to complete and total strangers, but to my relief it was just my next door neighbor. 
The next morning after a not so good night sleep, from sleeping on a lumpy bed, and from coldness of not having my parents across the hall sleeping their troubles away. I started crying, because I couldn’t help it. I missed my parents to much.  Hours later, my other next door neighbor helped me bury my parents in the local cementery. Seeing their faces the last time before the dirt touched their beautiful faces. It made me cry again; who knew the pain of losing someone close could feel so raw that it hurts in your heart so much that it almost makes you want to end your life just to stop the pain.
For today, and the next day I just stayed on my porch, doing nothing but cry. Not caring if people saw or kidnapped me, or anything.  I just sat there and cried. When finally I’ve had enough, I stood up on my wobbly legs, wondering if there’s something to eat. Instantly nostalgia hits me in the pit of my stomach, as memories of my mom’s delicious cooking comes back to me. But I knew I would never get that again, which made me sad all over again. After a while of silence, and memories, a person started walking up to me. At first, I thought it was my mother coming back alive, and was walking up the lawn from her grocery trip. But as I got to see her better, I realized she was not my mom. It was just some random lady, that kind of looks like her. Tears start coming back, only not out of sadness, but out of anger. Anger at what happened the last few days, anger at the person who shot my parents. And anger at my parents for just leaving so suddenly, when I needed them the most right now. In fact, I was so busy being angry, that I hadn’t noticed that the lady was right next to me. (Unfinished as you can see. I couldn't write the next part, because writer's block got to it, and I couldn't really do anything to pry it off)

All the trouble’s that’s been pressing me down, well there’s only one solution. Run. What everyone has been telling me to do. Run. Run away from all the stuff, all the dangers, and from all my loves. Even if they are the one causing all the trouble, the one that sworn to marry me, and love me for the rest of my life. The one who’s broken many hearts, including mine many times. The one who I always go back to, to get comfort, but only to get hurt every time. The one who I thought was mine
“Run,” said Baxter, before he too ran from my life. Just like what everyone’s been doing lately. So I decide to listen to them. Only not run away, but more like run towards to something. Something that tells me answers. Answers about who I am, and also about what I’m supposed to be. Answers, about my past life. Answers about my family. But most of all answers about love.
So this is my last entry before I depart onto the next train ride to nowhere, that’s going to be somewhere. So just, know this is my last one, before I write more. Before I have answers. Just know that I’m still alive, and, well, and strong. Trying to be independent for once and for all. 

CAKE! A random picture that I drew, and I decided to show you.

Here is the words from let to write.
Guy hiding behind a turtle, and a rock: Help! I'm stuck?
On the rock: Oddly looks like cake doesn't it?
Turtle: Shh! I'm not a rock!
And then there's the worms forming the word NINJA.
A cake, a smiley face, a moon, and yes a white sun

A watermelon with red stripes

The yellow dot is the giraffe, that just ate some leaves. 

Watch out, there might be mountain lions on the loose. 
What do you wish for?
Duck: Where?

Have you ever?
(Copied, and pasted from a facebook note tag game 100 truths about you)


19. Been in an airplane - Nope not once in my whole life

20. Been in a relationship - Nope

21. Been in a car accident - Thank goodness, no

22. Been in a fist fight - No! I'm too good to do that. 

23. First piercing - When i was eight-years old I think

24. First best friend – My twin of course

25. First award - Perfect attendance

26. First crush – I forgot... 

27. First word – I have no idea

29. Last friend you talked to in person - My twin, Tracy. 

30. Last person you texted - I don't have a phone (no smiley face, because I don't really regret it) 

31. Last friend you watched a movie with - My twin (have you noticed, that we nearly do everything together?) 

32. Last food you ate – A fried spring roll (Vietnamese version of an egg roll)

33. Last movie you watched – I don't really remember

34: last song you listened to- Speak Now, by Taylor Swift

35. Last thing you bought - A doughnut, from the local bakery. 

36. Last person you hugged – I can't remember

  •          Beauty can’t amuse you, but brainwork- reading, writing, thinking- can. Helen Gurley Brown
  •          Nobody’s free ‘til everybody’s free. Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer
  •          Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Patrick Verona, 10 Things I Hate About You
  •          Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out? Ian Wallace, What a Girl Wants
  •   Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. And small minds discuss people.
  • I've messed up a lot and learned lessons. I’m not perfect. I’m human. I make mistakes. Selena Gomez
  •    Because with joy, we overcome the terror. With love, strength, and hope, we prevail. From the book . Sarah Darer Littman
  •   You never know what love is and what kind of person appeals to you unless you allow yourself to fall in love and get your heart at least once. Nina Dobrev
  • No matter how much pressure boys and school can bring, the best thing you can do is respect yourself. You won’t regret it. Britt Robertson

    Who's to say, 
What's impossible...?
Well they forgot
This world keeps spinning
And with each new day
I can feel a change in everything
And as the surface breaks reflections fade
But in some ways they remain the same
And as my mind begins to spread its wings
There's no stopping curiosity ~ Unknown

Okay that is the end. I hope you enjoyed it, and it took a long while to make it. Well au revoir, and 
à bientôt as the French would say. 

And pardon the dot, it just randomly popped up, and I forgot the music. And one more for good luck, here.

© Copyrighted. All writing, and pictures posted here, shall not be put anywhere else, not unless you get permission from me. 


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