I survived!

I survived the second day of school. And the second batch of classes. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, other then the surviving school part I'll tell. My school schedule is split into two days, A day and B day. On both days you you have a complete set of different classes. Which is nice, because you don't have to do your homework till the next day...
Kidding, I won't procrastinate on my homework... much. But my math teacher from last year thinks the regular seven classes a day is better. Which in a way I guess it is.
Well here's my schedule since I don't have much to write...
A day classes
1a. Algebra 2
2a. Geometry (It's technically called Secondary math honors, but it was to long to say so I'm just calling it geometry)
3a. English honors
3a. English honors
4a. French trois (three)

B day classes
1b. PE
2b. Communications tech./Yearbook (Yay ^-^)
3b. Earth Systems honors
4b. Geography honors.

As you can see I'm pretty advanced, but not that advanced since I don't take any classes at the high school. And the lunch is pretty different, since they have three lunches all split up during third period. And the reason for this is because there's a ton of students going here (this year it is about 1400ish?). And that is a lot more than the local jr. high across town. And the education is pretty cool, in a way.
It was odd, yesterday I was a bit hot since they didn't fix the AC system. And now today I was freezing in most of my classes. Well at least they were fast in fixing it.
It seems the only classes I won't really like well is geography (maybe), PE (another maybe) and geometry, since the work is easy, and yet it is only reviews. The rest seems pretty fun, like in science (the different periods are competing against each other in this world kind of thing, there's going to be WAR, and others. [I seem to be pretty excited about the war, even though we don't really have a reason for attacking the other classes yet....])
And plus communications tech is going to be a bit easy since I learned most of the stuff on my own this summer. (What do you expect when you don't have money or transportation to go to places? Except for a computer.) 180 students signed up for it, and only 30ish got it, because it fitted with our schedules. So yay!
Well now I'm rambling, well au revoir. I wonder if I'll win that french award again...
And a cute little dino that wants a hug. I just wanted to show you guys that.  Rawr. 

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