Random words.

Hello, I thought I would like to share with you guys some words I got from dictionary.com's word of the day from the last three days. I'll share them in a paragraph, maybe in different point of views that somehow connect with the story. If you're interested to get a word of a day in your inbox each day go here. Well, here I go...

He learned enough hobson-jobson to get along with his co-workers, but it was hard because he was fluent in French, and not English. And he continued this up each day, and earning the trust from his boss. In fact he was the boss's most trusted, that they began to collogue together. And their talks usually include of how to save the world, and make everyone healthier. So much, that they started to speak and write in code so the others wouldn't find out. Now, the others think that all they do is footle.

I hope I used those correctly...
Now try to guess what the bold words mean, without using dictionary.com please. And if do try and get them correct, I'll let you guest blog on my blog, or I can guest blog on yours. The entries are unlimited, as well as time. And you enter, by commenting, or emailing me at staceriffic@gmail.com.
So begin....
P.S. If you would like some hints such as if they are an adjective, verb, etc. I would gladly give them to you.

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  1. haha hobson jobson is funny! thanks for the comment!