Dots! .........

Okay the title was totally random, but no it didn't have to do with anything with dots. I'm a bit/ possibly a lot hyper. All day my siblings and I just went to five random places, and we mostly had sugary foods. Cotton candy, fried mini doughnuts, fondue, and of course ice cream. And no we didn't have dibs. Okay, I think I remembered for what I wanted to say. Sorry for the lack of posts this past week (and really dancing on the conveyor belt thing at the supermarket? [Sorry again, there was something random on the T.V]) I had school, and homework, mostly math. Which I don't like :/
And on Friday I mostly took a three hour nap to make up for my lack of sleep, and writing on my novel, which I hadn't had the chance to do in a while. Something random, was when we were checking out the jewelry at the art festival, I saw a couple of turquoise necklaces, and I swear my MC Beth from Immortality Doesn't Exist, started to freak out. It almost felt like she was going to jump out of my head and just take it. What is it with her and the color turquoise, I shall never know ;)
Well enough of my day, what about yours? Go ahead and comment on it.
And here's a picture on the 12 1/2 writing rules, which I'm sure you may have seen before.

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