Changes and a soundtrack (not the actual soundtrack)

So after making a few adjustments with my blog last night I finally learned how to make a mapped header. As well, as learn how to make the font size on my drop down menu, bigger. This makes me happy, because then you don't have to scrounge around to find the pages tab. Simply because it's now on top of the blog posts just hidden under the header. It also means that there's less rectangles on the drop down menu. Plus there's less overcrowding.  

Also, I changed my blog button the other day. And I've been meaning to tell you guys, however as the human mind goes. It ended up in my forgotten pile somewhere. Well enough of my rambling about what has changed on my blog.

I finally got, drum roll please...

The actual CD not the one from iTunes, it's already at Wal Mart. And my twin being her Hunger Games loving self bought the CD for around $17 and something cents. The good thing about the CD is that it comes with a movie poster that looks like this

However, there's no black border. The CD also comes with a pack of trading cards, that if you put together like a puzzle. It will look like the picture above or like this

Only there are words announcing the movie date, the movie title, etc. It all depends on which side you do first. Now I would advise you to keep the movie poster and/or the CD away from you when you're sleeping. Why? Well simply because you may freak out about Katniss Everdeen having her arrow pointed at you when you wake up a bit delirious, wondering what is happening, and is that nightmare actually happening. 

Hey, it could happen, now have a normal Sunday that hopefully isn't too hot or too cold, depending on where you live. 
Also, Gale or Peeta? 


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