The Easter Bunny was here

Only, he wasn’t really here, he was part of my imagination that he might have been here. I also know that I'm kind of late on saying Happy Easter. However, the Monday after Easter Sunday is also Easter Monday. So, in a way it's kind of Easter, only without the egg hunts, and there’s school instead of church.

Well I’m saying Happy Easter anyways, because well it’s kind of Easter. Also, the reason why I wasn’t here yesterday was because I was being a good little child and hung out with my family. Where there was a teensy bit of drama, a movie (that wasn’t the Hunger Games :(  [even though I already saw it], but the Lorax [which is also a good movie]), a restaurant/diner that was a bit crowded, and grocery shopping. Then after all that I had to spend four hours on two essays for geography.   -_-

But enough about my Easter, what did you do for that day? Did you celebrate it or is it just like a regular Sunday for you? Comment below
Also some pics.




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