^.^ No more math *kidding*

I finished that placement algebra 2 test yesterday, and got a score that I'm comfortable with. Even though I scored badly on the second session of the test which was college level math. And I knew when I got the question wrong for the next question would be easy, then when I got the easy question right, the next question would be hard. And the cycle would repeat, easy question, hard question, easy question, hard question etc.

Then  when the test ended and my friends and all the other alg. 2 kids got back to school, we celebrated with pizza. Courtesy to my math teacher, who was also kind enough to excuse every alg. 2 kid from their classes for the rest of day. That meant four options...
1.) Go home
2.) Go to one of your favorite teacher's classroom.
3.) Go back to class, because you like it.
4.) Stay in the teacher's lounge (that's where we ate the pizza, because everywhere else was full).

Everyone that I knew most likely didn't choose option number three, and that included me as well. It was simply because, I don't like my geography teacher. He rants too much and he blames nearly everything on his last period class (that I'm in), and he hates the kid that sits next to me.

However throughout the short school day (Friday is the only short day throughout the school week, because the teachers have to go to meetings afterward), I felt average. Because nearly everyone I know got into a higher math than me, and that included a couple of eighth graders as well. Eight graders that probably got their genius mind by being dropped on the head a couple of times.

Only a couple of ninth graders got the same math score as me, and then there were two people that I know of that got a lower math score than everyone else.

It's slightly obvious that they won't be doing college level math when they're in high school.

Well moving on. In honor for the math score I've received, and the free day at school, it's time for a video by One Direction.

If you're wondering, if I did that last night, I didn't. I got tired around the usual one or two am, then went to bed. And I'm still tired.

So au revoir, because I'm going to try to get some sleep... or not.


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