An idea

This has been on my mind for a while (and by a while I meant months) and I wasn't sure if anyone will accept it. You're probably thinking what the idea might be and waiting for me to spit it out already. Well, here's the idea.

An award. 

You know the typical blog award that bloggers will receive in their blogging life. They're fun to have and hopefully easy enough to do if they involve questions. Plus they're pretty cool in my opinion. And I wanted to invent a new blogging award that will hopefully stay around forever like the versatile blog award and the liebster blog award.

So if I bring out this award will people actually like them and be happy to receive them? And if so what should this new blog award be called? Please comment below if you know any good names but please make sure that the names aren't in use with another blog award.

And if you replied yes then should there be a little meme thing with the award, like questions or random facts, or other.


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