Vas Happening?

                Hey followers/viewers/readers/people who happen to chance upon this blog,
The new blog design is up, as you can see. And it’s very simple but not too simple. The colors that I chose for the blog, compliments each other in a way.  They don’t clash or battle each other which are nice because the poor audience members aka your eyes can get hurt/tired from watching it all.
New blog designs make me think of a prom dress. And with a prom dress comes with the accessories to make the dress stand out as well as the person wearing it. Well the accessories for this prom dress aka blog design is the basic jewelry that you’ll find in nearly every store only with a little twist.
And they are…
-          Blog button(s)
-          Header
-          Signature
Nearly every blog has at least one of them if not all of them.  They’re the ones that make your dress stand out a bit. And now I should stop using the prom dress analogy, considering that there are boys also reading this. Basically much I have five new blog buttons that you can choose from; they’re over there on the words that says Grab the button! Just click on it and they shall stop hiding under the words. So if you still I have my old blog button on your blog I recommend changing it right now or sometime soon. Also if you’re wondering what the shape is, it is an umbrella.  The words came from here and the handle I just drew on in paint.
There are also three new pages.
One is for books that have already been published not books that I've already written/is still writing. Another one is my about me that you can go to by clicking the word about, under quotes. And the last one is all the blogs that I read which you can go to by clicking on blogs I read under about.
Along with the new blog design, I’ve added a way for you to contact me formally. Just click on Where to find me and there’s an envelope shape. Click on the envelope and just write your message and click send. You can email me anything but spam; I usually check my email often so I promise I won’t leave you hanging.
And I think that is it, nothing else really changed except for the signature, and the navbar coming back. However the navbar has decided to play the game peek-a-boo for fun. And if you think I’m lying, it’s there, trust me it’s there.
Now in honor of summer let’s have a scavenger hunt. Hidden in my blog are four shapes, a…
-          Typewriter
-          Mustache
-          Owl
-          Pink cupcake
Most of them should be easy to find considering that they’re right there. However others are a bit hard to find and may take some time to reveal themselves. Comment on this page or email me, the shapes and where you found them.
E.G.) The pink cupcake is located …
Once done and if I say you’re right, I shall reward you with something. You can ask me for anything reasonable that doesn’t involve money and your home address. For example, an edited picture, or something that involves blog designing. If you want I can redo your whole blog work but that’s going to require a lot of time and html. So I’ll most likely give you helpful links that you can apply to your blog (drop down menu, mapped header, etc.)
Now this is the end my dear followers/viewers/readers/people who happen to chance upon this blog. And I shall get going or die of hunger, so here’s some One Direction. *Mentally fan girls*

With love,

P.S. Congrats you found one of the shapes1 ^.^ Now go on and find the rest. 


  1. The typewriter is in your signature, the owl appears when you click "where to find me", the mustache is at the top of the "about me" page, and I know where the brown cupcake is but not the pink one. Hm.

  2. Typewriter: Signature
    Owl: Where to find me page
    Mustache: About me page
    Pink cupcake: It's your Favicon icon. :)


  3. I don't want a prize, it was fun. :)

  4. Maybe some links to help spruce up my blog would be nice! :) Thank you very much, Jay.
    Happy Blogging!