My words are in print! ^.^

A package came for me yesterday. 

I blacked out some of the important info (address/tracking number) because I don’t want people to stalk me/send me strange things.

The package came from one of the four UPS vans/trucks that I saw yesterday. Inside the package was something that I was waiting for, for thirteen long days: my books from createspace, Morceux.
I just know there were stories I wanted to tell. 
Octavia E. Butler 
 (c) 2012 by Stacy N. 

All it took for me to get the books was a lot of time to edit, procrastinating, and of course waiting. As well as some anger, stress, feeling like I can't breathe at certain times, and of course winning Nanowrimo 2011 to get the code for the five free proof copies.

The reason why it took so long to get here was because of me putting off the whole publishing thing till the last minute (not the last minute, last minute which was June 30) just a day or two away from June 30. Then of course, there was July Fourth and the weekend (UPS workers are like nearly every other working American, they don't work on holidays or the weekend). This took a little longer and instead of them delivering the books on June 10, as they were supposed to. My package went on a short vacation to another state. It explains why I didn't like UPS the other day... but now I like them again today. ^.^

I'm not going to publish Morceux if you were wondering. Considering that most of the stories and poems (mostly stories), still needs to be thoroughly edited (doing it once is not enough in the writing world). Plus there are some other issues with it... And I doubt that anyone will actually buy it if I did publish it. But who cares? It’s nice to know that I have the only five (now four) copies of the book Morceux in the whole world. However, I’m planning to send it to my friends/family soon, leaving me with only one or two copies left.

If you’re a nanoer/wrimo that won Nanowrimo, did you use your code to get your five free copies? If so, how do you like them?



  1. Ooh, I got mine a couple days ago - I was so excited! They're only for close family at the moment, but once they're edited more I'll give them to other people.

  2. Epical!
    I would've used mine but I procastnated too much and wasn't in the mood for editing so I gave my code to my sis :P I think next time I get a creatspace code I am going to use it on my June Camp Nano, of which I am still working on currently.