The 24th of July

*Knows this is a two days late, couldn’t put it up the other day because she was tired*

If you live in a four-corner state with a salty little lake aka Utah, then you already know why the 24th of July is an important day for us Utahans. If you don't live in Utah or in the United States or even on Earth, then for you the 24th of July is just another regular summer/winter day. While for Utah, it was Pioneer Day where we celebrate the first Mormon Pioneers that came into Utah after getting kicked out of a couple of other states. It’s kind of like July 4, only it’s a smaller, one state version. And since it is a holiday there was a parade, fireworks, and other festivities in between.


After receiving three/four hours of sleep (spent most of the night developing my character for my August Nano), I had to wake up around seven to catch the parade that was literally down the street from my older sister, Thuy’s place. After an hour of getting ready or more specifically waiting for my older sister to get ready, Thuy, my twin sister (Tracy), little brother (Tim), mom, and I finally got out of the condo and onto the street where Thuy’s friend  (more like boyfriend in my opinion) was waiting for us. Then began the walk and looking for a spot, to sit; once all that was done the parade was starting.

It was pretty good this year, with floats, cars, and the performers ranging from the old classic pioneering days to the modern age or a bit of both. There is always a theme for the parade and this year it involved dreams. Which is nice but kind of cheesy in my opinion, but the floats were pretty nice having actual moving parts and all that stuff. While the audience just watched, taking pictures, clapping, waving, standing up for America’s soldiers, and getting free stuff like ice cream and fans.
Once the parade ended, began the walk back to Thuy’s place. It was full of silence, talking, flirting, as well as picture taking (mostly from my older sister), a cat, and buying strawberries from a nearby market stand.

After that, we piled into my older sister’s car and went to get lunch. It was fun but kind of annoying watching my older sister flirting with her friend. After lunch we went to the park which involved more pictures, going to the booths, losing my mom, looking for my mom only to end up shopping, going onto rides, riding on a pedal boat while directing Tim and Tracy to attack the ducks and our older sister’s and her friend’s boat, and just plain swinging with the little kids, as well as looking for my mom some more.

The pictures of me doing things were taken by my older sister, Thuy on her camera. 
After looking throughout the whole park my siblings, Thuy’s friend, and I decided to give up and go get frozen yogurt. Which is kind of selfish and will certainly get our names off of the good children award, but my mom is an adult and can take care of herself. At the frozen yogurt place, I got 90% chocolate, 5% peach, and 5% cake batter and some peanut butter chips. It was surprisingly delicious. We just relaxed ate our yogurt and cursed (mostly my brother) about the melting frozen yogurt making a mess out of our clothes as well as take pictures (as you can figure out by now, my older sister is a picture taking addict) until my camera and my older sister’s camera finally ran out of batteries.

After that we went the planetarium where we explored a bit and saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was an amazing movie full of action and fighting as well as back stabbing and a bit of romance. Now, I can check that movie off of my too watch list. Once the movie was over, we walked back to Thuy’s car and said goodbye to her friend. Then we went off to Liberty Park to search for our mom who apparently was still there. But first, the fireworks.
For all to see


Fill the night sky

Growing bigger and bigger

Till boom, bam
It’s done.
(Not my best poem but it at least described what it was like to watch the fireworks up close)

                After the fireworks was finally over and apparently the 24th of July, we went out into the crowd to find our mom; some time later we found her on the street, then went back to my older sister’s place, and relaxed eventually going back to sleep. Not unless, they’re me who just started planning out one more character for my Camp Nano novel despite being super tired from the lack of sleep and the day’s events.
This reminds me, I should be catching some zzz’s, have a wonderful day/night.



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