Elephants marching down the street and my older sister.

                My days are like a void, filled with nothing but darkness…
                Well it’s not exactly like that, my days are normal for the most part. Get up in the morning, get ready, eat, read, write, go on the internet, etc. However, I’ve been doing that for the past few days and it’s boring. I want something exciting happening, right then and now, like elephants marching down the street because they’re angry that the grocery stores in my town won’t give them peanuts. However, the neighbors might not like it because the elephants just disrupted their relaxation time/sleep, which they need because they have to go to the stressful place called work tomorrow.
                I also want Thursday to come already because I’m going to the amusement park with my older sister. This will be nice because it will simply be the two of us and hopefully no one else. Though that would interfere with Camp Nanowrimo quite a bit, but it will be worth it in my opinion. Simply, because I haven’t really spent some time alone with my older sister that doesn’t involve my twin getting in the way.
                And my older sister’s birthday is exactly one week from now…
                I should be making her birthday gift by now instead of procrastinating on it. And I have a great idea about what to get her. The gift for her is free because if I buy her something chances are she will already has it or she will never read it or wear it. Plus, she has too much stuff already. If you’re curious as to know what it is, I’ll give you a hint. It involves a balloon and the number twenty-four.
                In fact, I think I’ll work on it now. That is after; I show you a song that I can’t stop listening to lately.

Have a nice day/night. And I’ll post something better tomorrow.



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