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Hello everyone, and welcome to Sweets Galore; if you’re following me thank you, if you’re just browsing then continue on, but if you want, you can stay.
School starts in one week from now and I’m absolutely terrified. I’m also really excited for school to start as well; it’s just that I’m not excited right now. I finally have my class schedule, which I will post in a minute. As well as new clothes and school supplies. I know that should be enough to get me through the ten-ish months of school. However, I feel like I should have something more, such as more locker decorations and/or a paying job [specifically at the library]. The locker decorations are easy to get but the job hunt is hard or will be hard if I started on it. I also want to drive to school instead of walk or take the bus but I’m scared of crashing or getting into an accident, especially if my loved ones are with me.
You know, the more I think about it, the more it’s true. Fear seems to be the only thing holding me back from achieving some of my goals such as getting a job and learn how to drive. And that’s bad because it means I’ll never achieve those goals if I continue to let fear get in the way.
It’s also a brave thing for me to walk to school, if I didn’t do that I’ll probably be stuck on the computer forever. And that is both good and bad; good because I’ll never have to leave the house and I’ll probably learn faster, bad because I don’t leave the house and I’ll probably procrastinate more often. So it’s a good thing I have school, homework, dances, any other school activities, libraries, and etc to take me away from the computer or else I would have became a  mindless robot by now.
Speaking of school, I promised to show you my classes, did I? Well here it is.

A day classes B day classes
World Civilizations Honors Graphic Communications
Biology Honors College Prep class
Computer Technology College Math
English Honors French 4

I find it odd that my school is still keeping the A day classes and the B day classes when they’re going to do the regular eight day schedule (or so I have heard.) Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to say first period, second period, third period, etc? Instead of saying, "Go to your fourth period class." 
"Which fourth period class?" Oh well, in my opinion it’s easier to write down 1A, 1B, etc, on a piece of paper and not the whole 1st or first period.
I need inspiration for the whole school year as well. So starting every Monday all the way to whenever the school year ends (or I might just continue it, who knows?) I’ll post an inspiring picture or two or five or so and I’ll try to look up to it and listen to it for the entire week or year. It will certainly help when I’m feeling down because of life.
And there will probably be a subject for the inspiring pictures, or not, depending on my mood. So it will begin today and today’s subject will be… fear because of my fear for completing some of my goals.
And here’s the first picture:

Have an amazing day/night.

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  1. Thank you for this post. School starts this Wednesday and I'm both nervous and excited.

    You're right, there is always fear, and sometimes it's not bad to think about them. But try not to let this fear hinder you, okay?

    Good Luck,