MIA no more.

I didn't have access to a computer for three-fourish days, and you know what? It felt (mostly) nice not to be on the computer because it meant that I was out somewhere living my life. However, it’s kind of bad because I’m far behind on my Camp Nanowrimo novel (that I most likely won’t finish, though I might work on it during November). But it’s good in a way because I have new stories to tell. Another bad thing, I have a lot to catch up on; a good thing would be is that I’m mostly ready for school. Bad, good, bad, good, I shall not bore you with all the bad and good things about not having a computer for three-fourish days.
Now it is time for you to listen to the stuff that I did in the last few days that doesn’t involve many pictures during the experience (that is if, I took any pictures).  
-         Going to the amusement park with my siblings. And that’s it, all it involved was an hour or so of silence on the car ride there. And going on rides, waiting in line, getting wet at the added in (small) water park, having fun, eating a churro, nachos, fries, and other classic and not so classic amusement park foods. It was fun, minus the fact that I got kind of sick after the whole thing was over.
-         Getting glasses.

Reminds me of one of those grannies that sits in a rocking chair, knitting. 

Or else it meant asking my friends to read the board for me again, (it gets annoying after a while).
-         Getting a haircut. No picture because I’m not feeling camera ready today but if you’re curious as to what it looks like… my hair got cut up to my chin which now frames my face. It’s short enough that I don’t have to brush it much or deal with it when I wake up, which is nice because it saves me time, meaning I can do something else (such as read) instead of mess around with my hair.
-         Watching two movies. The first movie I saw was this [To The Arctic 3D]; it was kind of boring, kind of interesting, and kind of sad. If you’re interested in the Arctic, then I would recommend watching To The Arctic 3D. The second movie I saw was this [Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted]; it was funny and well made. Most of the time it made me question the mechanics of the movie (how do they set up a circus without human help?) Even though, I didn’t watch the second movie, I understood most of what was going on, because it didn’t rely too much, on what has happened in the other two movies. It was also sweet and magical. The circus looks amazing filled with neon lights and stuff, it makes me want to go there now even though it’s fake. I also want to go visit the Circus of Dreams from the book The Night Circus. It’s black and white with a dash of red, filled with truly magical stuff that doesn’t involve illusion of any kind.
-         I went to my dad’s work picnic with my family which simply involved eating picnic food and watching my dad talk to his friends (makes me feel slightly lonely in this world).
-         Going to an Italian festival with my two sisters. That involved looking around at the booths and seeing inside the church filled with beautiful stained glass windows. It also involved a little prayer for the upcoming events in life.
-         Going to a South American festival, which like the other festival simply involved going around, looking at booths. It also involved in getting a lot of green and three non-green items, a scarf, headband, bracelet, a big flower… here’s a picture. 

-         Seeing two more movies. One of them was Born to be Wild; an amazing movie about people taking care of baby elephants and orangutans who are orphans that eventually gets release back into the wild. I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries about animals. Another movie I saw was the Katy Perry: Part of Me movie. It was surprisingly good, I learned about her childhood, her early career, to right now. And it was all filled with hardships and happiness as well as somewhere in between. I would recommend it to anyone that’s interested in documentaries that isn’t going to make you sleep.
-         Look around at more booths at another festival, involving food and a lot of jewelry.
-         Get yelled at for reasons I shall not mention.
-         Get ready for school tomorrow.
-         A lot of looking and making creative stuff such as this blog post (though I don’t know if you would call this creative).
Now, it’s time for a goodbye. I’ll have another blog post that isn’t filled with what I did in the last few days. However, it might be filled with what has happened at school that day… It’s also going to have the inspirational Monday pictures. Also, if you follow my writing blog, I’m bringing back the, a school story a day thing. More information shall be found here.
Now, I have to finish planning for school and get to sleep. Have a wonderful day/night.


P.S, good luck to anyone starting school!


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