The official pros and cons list of my school, created by moi

This isn't the complete list considering that it has only been three weeks of school, however it's just some of the 'small' things that I like and don't like about my school. 
  • The inside school temperature is messed up. When it’s hot outside, it’s hot inside, when it’s cold outside it is cold inside. Thankfully, the school isn’t as hot as it was at the beginning of the school year, for three days straight the SBOs (Student Body Officers) gave nearly everyone free, cold, refreshing, bottled water. There were fans blowing loudly in the hallways as well as water cups around the school. In fact, my school was mentioned in a newspaper because it was so hot and it probably had affected some students somehow. Thankfully, the school is finally getting an air conditioner that will be available in four to eight weeks. However, by then the outside temp. would be cold and it would be kind of useless to have the air conditioning on when it's already cold outside. 
  • It starts too early in the day (around 7:30 AM), meaning that I have to wake up really early (roughly between 5:30 – 5:40 AM) just to get ready and catch the bus that arrives around 6:40 something.
  • There’s too much homework. Math, History, Biology, Graphics, and just about nearly every other class I have.
  • Studying, there’s going to be a lot of it if I’m expected to pass this year.
  • The cafeteria food isn’t that good, and there’s no more juice, just milk and I don’t like drinking school milk.
  • The hallways are slightly confusing. The second and third floors is literally a square with classrooms everywhere and it doesn’t help that the classroom numbers don’t have a pattern themselves other than big numbers are on one side of the square and little numbers are on the other side.
  • My locker is still stuck despite asking the school to fix it for me a couple of times.
  • I feel lonely in some of my classes despite having some friends in that class but not in this class. 
  • Too many textbooks to carry to class, (I would have put them in my locker but it’s going to take a long while before a custodian will actually fix my locker.) 

  • My locker (despite being stuck) is near the library.
  • I get out of school early (around 2:10 PM).
  • On Mondays, the school day officially starts at around 8:30 AM. However, it will be kind of useless to me, considering that I still have to take the bus - especially during the wintertime - at around 6:40 (5?) ish. But, I guess I have more free time to do some homework and possibly sleep at a table in the back of the school library, or just go on the computer and try to get onto blogger. 
  • I feel a bit smarter than some people do in my class. (Sorry, for feeling so braggy but it’s true.)
  • I get to make t-shirts, stickers, and other stuff this semester.
  • I have the option of going to any of the restaurants/ fast food joints in my town for lunch. However, I have only half an hour or so to do that and I don’t have a car to go anywhere, though my friend is getting her driver’s license this month...
  • I’m only a ten minutes or so walk from the public library which has real air conditioning. Meaning that I won’t be late at returning my books there again, (that is if I will remember them in the future).

 (Inspirational Monday posts will be posted on Monday, if I don't forget.)


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