My novel cover

As far as rewriting Immortality Doesn't Exist, goes, it's definitely... interesting. The book right now is in a way darker than the original. And I like that, because it's more interesting to write now.
Speaking of IDE being a bit darker than the original, I got a new cover for it, to fit with the book. And it looks like this...
It was made by a cover artist on the Nanowrimo forums (the main one), named takecare.
And, I would say more about it but I have to go catch up on my word count before the cooking starts for Thanksgiving. Plus, I'm curious about what you think about it. Comment below, and if you already have a cover for your novel, I'm curious to see what it looks like. So if you want, show it to me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans that are reading this. And have a regular day/night for the non-Americans. Also, if you are doing Nanowrimo.. WRITE!


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