Goodbye 2012

2012, in a way, felt like the shortest year for me. In fact, all I can really remember about it is the 'end of the world', Kony, too much time on tumblr, writing, reading, and my birthday. However, I also remember other bits and pieces of 2012 as well, such as the time in my ninth grade English class that my teacher made us sit in a circle to talk about Night by Elie Wiesel. I also remember other memories of that ninth grade English class, however the memories seem to be a bit more recent, meaning that I cannot remember much before 2012 started.

The same thing happens to other non-2012 memories as well; they soon are forgotten as newer memories start to bury them even deeper into the vast contents of my brain. The memories become dusty, having a very small chance of ever being remembered again. The only way, I (or anybody really) can remember forgotten memories is if they are recorded in some way. Whether it may be a journal that I wrote, someone else remembering it, one of my yearbooks, pictures, etc. And it doesn’t matter if it is the most amazing memory that I would remember forever or the most horrible memory that I will kick out of my mind, if I had the chance.

This leads me to my next point of ‘conversation’. For all 365 days of 2013, I shall write two sentences. One sentence will be completely fictional and story like, it’s to help encourage me to write stories whether it is on paper or in the brain. The other sentence will describe my day, so I can remember my life. The reason for this is simply to remember my life, so I can draw inspiration from it as I write my stories. Plus, I think it will be fun in a way, as I laugh on the last day of 2013, about some of the silly things I will do in the upcoming year. And it also might help me accomplish my 2013 New Year’s resolutions.

Speaking of New Year resolutions, remember that post that has some of my 2012 resolutions. Well, it now ended up looking like this. 

*bold - I have done it for a short while. 
  • Write everyday (Camp Nanowrimo counts in my book)
  •    Read everyday (read at least 90 books this year) (only read 79 out of 90 books)
  •    Get on the internet less often
  •    Spend more time with family (mainly because the internet started to get a bit boring)
  •    Sleep at a normal time
  •    Eat healthier
  •    Learn how to drive
  •   Write on my blog nearly every day
  •   Work harder in school (pretty self-explanatory here)
  •    Stop procrastinating
  •    Do something active (it was mainly for school). 
  •   Write a complete novel (before June 30)  (Immortality Doesn't Exist) 
Well, I feel a bit ashamed to say that I only completed two of them, and kind of did four of them throughout the year. However, it is better than not completing a single one, in my opinion. Hopefully, next year will be better.

Happy New Years to the people on the other side of the world and Happy New Years eve to everyone who’s time zone hasn’t reached or passed 12 AM. And have a year that you at least like. 


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