The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants blog twist.

Not so long ago, Orphu from A Mirror Made of Words gave me an award. (Thanks by the way ^.^). And it’s the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, which reminds me a bit of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, hence the reason why it’s in the title.

And like any other blogging award, it comes with a set of rules.

  • Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
  • Include the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions posted below.
  • Make up your own ten questions for the next people.
  • Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
  • Notify each individual that you have nominated them
  1. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you this question? Candy canes, and I have no clue as to why I am currently thinking that.
  2. What’s your favourite flightless bird? Through the useful links of Wikipedia, I have found  two that I particularly like. The Cretan Owl and the Tyto pollens. They’re owls who became extinct due to humans taking over their living space. 
  3. If you could no longer be a mammal, what creature would you be? (No idea why you would have to stop being a mammal but it’s a legitimate question, all right?) I think I would like to be an owl. They’re quiet (most of the time), fluffy, wise, and nocturnal.
  4. Have you ever misread a word that drastically changed the meaning of the sentence? What was it? I don't think I have, but my mind does have a small symptom called bad memory, so it could have forgotten it. 
  5. Stargirl or Pippi Longstocking? Even though I haven't read either books of either characters  I have to say Pippi Longstocking. The reason is because  she seems more interesting than Stargirl and I also heard about her more often. 
  6. If you were forced to leave this world in favour of a book-world, which world would you pick? Le Cirque de Rêves from The Night Circus. The reasons are because, it only opens at night, there are many events going on using actual magic (with nothing attached to it), and the food seems amazing. 
  7. What are your feelings about Pluto? I have no clue. I can see why the scientists deemed it as an dwarf planet. And I can also see why people want it to become a planet again. 
  8. If you had to get a tattoo, what tattoo would you get? A quote written in french, possibly Je c'écrirai... plus tard.
  9. Would you attend Frodo and Sam’s wedding if they invited you? I'm not sure, I haven't read The Hobbit or even seen the movie. So, I'm not really sure what their personalities are like, but if they seem cool, sure. 
  10. What would you have been named if you were male? Probably a dude named Timothy.
Now comes my questions. 
  1. What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial and why? (It can be a commercial from the past or now).
  2. If you were a fish for a day, what would you do? (Provided that you didn’t get caught by a fisherman, of course).
  3. What is one thing that you are excited for this year?
  4. One afternoon, the Doctor shows up on your doorway, and with a serious expression on his face, he says the words that you’ve only heard him say on television, “Would you be my companion?” Do you accept the offer and run with him, or would you not, knowing that you have a normal life to attend to?
  5. It is a windy afternoon, and you are walking home from somewhere tedious, when you happen to chance upon someone important… Who is it, what is the reason for you bumping into them?
  6. You have the chance to Skype with anyone (including animals and/or extraterrestrials), who is it and what do you two talk about?
  7. What is your favorite piece of writing that you have read this year? (It can be a quote, book, fanfiction, etc.)
  8. Have you done something badly on purpose, just so you won’t have to do it again?
  9. Do you have a platonic relationship with anyone? If so who? If not, do you want one? If so, who?
  10. Do you remember any random lyrics that may have been floating around in your head lately? If so, what are they?
And then, the nominees.



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